CEMB’s DWA1000XLT total vehicle wheel alignment machine improves safety and driver comfort, reduces fuel consumption and tire wear. Comes fully assembled.


DWA1000XLT Features:

  • 8 sensor CCD technology
  • DSP processing
  • PC computer, keyboard and storage cabinet standard
  • Four shock resistant BT2 wireless rechargeable truck alignment heads with charging station standard
  • Featherweight alignment heads. Only 7.5 lbs each
  • Lithium ion batteries for long life
  • MEMS static accelerometers provide the latest in measuring technology (newest measuring technology)
  • 30” wheel clamping range*
  • Windows based software with multiple languages
  • Complete vehicle and customer database for Heavy Duty truck with alignment specification 30 years
  • User friendly truck software alignment program
  • Handles up to seven truck axles

* it does not mean rim diameter

Standard Accessories:

  • 4 wheel clamps 24″
  • Metal grips for clamping on steel rims from the inside (also useable as adapters for others tips and grips)
  • Plastic tips for wheel grabber kit
  • Grippers extensions
  • Truck steel wheel grippers
  • 1 set of dually wheel grippers
  • Wheel clamp with grabber kit
  • Extended clamp supporting arms for tyres up to 50”
  • 4 Heavy Duty Truck sensor heads
  • Extensions to increase the operating diameter up to 30”
  • Steering wheel holder
  • Brake pedal depressor
  • Keyboard and Computer with Wireless BT2 connection
  • 24” LCD monitor
  • HP Printer
  • Heavy Duty Truck software and database
  • Wheel Alignment Specification Book

Optional Accessories:

  • Drop down adaptor kit (46DW89395)
  • Adaptor rod for semitrailers’ king pins (46DW87193)
  • Set of 4 feeding cables for recharging batteries when measuring heads are mounted on vehicle (13m length) (86SB85932-4)
  • Calibration kit complete with spirit level to calibrate measuring heads (46DW90924)
  • DWA dust cover
  • CEMB Wheel Alignment banner (BANNER-WA)


Power Supply 110VAC, 50/60 Hz, 1 ph
Gross Shipping Weight 450 lbs (204 Kg)

Full one year warranty



Shipping Details:

We offer drop shipping from the manufacturer to your address. Buyer MUST have their own offloading equipment such as a forklift. Tailgate service is available.

Available Options:

  • DWA1000XLT